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Article About Chance & Double Sidekick

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G-Dragon ranked #1 on ‘TOP 10 Songwriters of 2012’ List!

Among the list of the top songwriters who wrote the most hit songs this year are Big Bang‘s G-Dragon, Busker Busker‘s Jang Bum Joon, Two Step Sidekick and Kim Do Hoon. The biggest difference between this year and last year is that the top two song writers are artists rather than full-time songwriters.

With the year of 2012 looming to an end, Star News took the all the songs from January to November and analyzed them. They took the information from the popular music site Melon and looked at all the songs that made it in the top 50 this year and the songwriters who wrote those songs. They took into consideration facts like K-Pop trends, songwriter and agency power and long sellers.

TOP 10 Songwriters of 2012:

  1. G-Dragon (BIGBANG) [17 Songs]
  2. Jang Bum Jun (Busker Busker) [15 Songs]
  3. Double Sidekick [14 Songs]
  4. Kim Do Hoon [12 Songs]
  5. Jo Young Soo [10 Songs]
  6. JYP [9 Songs]
  7. Choi Kyu Sung [9 Songs]
  8. Brave Brothers [8 Songs]
  9. Rado [8 Songs]
  10. Shinsadong Tiger [7 Songs]

G-Dragon co-wrote “Crayon,” and “Missing You” with fellow YG producer, Teddy. G-Dragon also co-wrote “Monster” with Choi Pil Kang and “Without You” with Ham Seung Chun. G-Dragon wrote a total of 17 hit songs.

The songs G-Dragon co-wrote with Teddy especially showed good results. “Blue” took the #1 spot on the monthly chart for March. “Fantastic Baby” held the #4 spot for April. “That XX” took the #4 spot for September. “Crayon” ranked #5 and “Missing You” ranked #8 in October. “Monster” took the #2 spot in June.

Full list of G-Dragon’s top hit songs in 2012:

G-Dragon – “Crayon”
G-Dragon (Ft. Kim Yoon Ah) -”Missing You”
Big Bang – “Still Alive”
Big Bang – “Bingle Bingle”
Big Bang – “Intro”
Big Bang – “Love Dust”
Big Bang – “Fantastic Baby”
Big Bang – “Blue”
G-Dragon – “That XX”
G-Dragon (Ft. Kim Jong Wan) – “Today“
Big Bang – “Bad Boy”
Big Bang - “Monster”
Daesung – “Wings”
G-Dragon – “Without You”
Big Bang – “Ego”
Big Bang – “Ain’t No Fun”
G-Dragon – “One Of A Kind”

Other Notable Songwriters:

Primary wrote 4 hit songs this year including “Poison,” “Settling Stances,” “Question Mark” and “See Through.”

Naul wrote 3 hit songs this year including “Rhythm For Memory,” “Missing You” and “Memory Of the Wind.”

LeeSsang‘s Gil wrote 3 hit songs this year including “Someday,” “My Love” and “Clown.”

Urban Zakapa wrote 3 hit songs this year including “Same Love Same Farewell,” “River,” and “I Hate You“

PSY wrote 5 hit songs with Yoo Kun Hyung this year including “Gangnam Style,” “Blue Frog,” “Intro to 77,” “What Would Have Been,” and “Never Say Goodbye.”

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Source: Star News

Translated by: Soompi

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